Take A Coffee Break Quote Painting

Sometimes we work so hard trying to fulfill our targets until we forget to take care of ourselves, smiling, or simply enjoy a beautiful view. So, whatever you are doing right now, take a break and enjoy something you really love to do, maybe with a cup of tea or a cup of coffee. Relax and enjoy it until your cup is empty. Take a break, because even wave has a break.

I feel relax when I draw, it’s like a therapy for me. And when it’s finished, it gives me a good feeling and a smile. For me, painting or drawing is also a break from hectic routine, therefore, I have painted a cup of coffee for a break and a background view of some waves breaking by the beach. I painted it in watercolor with a quote “Take a break, even wave has a break”.


It’s a mid-week, get your self energized to deal with the rest of the week, a coffee break should raise up your energy level. Hope you enjoy my quote painting and let your self take a break, sit down, make yourself a delicious coffee and enjoy whatever thing you feel therapeutic for you. Don’t be too hard on yourself! Have a nice break!

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See you soon!

Take a break and think creatively!



34 thoughts on “Take A Coffee Break Quote Painting”

  1. I loved the quote “Take a break, even wave has a break”. and you’re really talented, beautiful painting! We really need to take a break and enjoy the beauty around us
    Have a great end of the week 🙂

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  2. We just took a break with a short coastal cruise in our boat. Our shores are almost all rocky, not sandy. Some have mountains and cliffs dropping right into the ocean. BC is a beautiful place. We do have lots of starfish. I like you painting that includes one. – Margy

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  3. Mel, your lovely watercolor had in instant cooling effect on me! I especially love the way you did your ocean–wonderful! I just took up watercolors a couple months ago and included one in my current post (a very bold move for me!). #BestOfTheWeekend

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    1. Thank you so much Jean! I’m thrilled to hear that my painting can bring such a good effect to you! I just started to paint with watercolor a couple of months ago too, so i’m still exploring. Watercolor is fun and a fast way to paint. Will visit you!


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