How To Make Easy Coastal Wreath From Tissue Roll

I was inspired to see many wreath creations was made of tissue rolls. You may want to make easy and cheap but beautiful looking wreath, as the the wreath is usually occasional, so you need to be thrifty with it. This summer I have coastal / nautical summer theme, that is why I made the upcycling tissue roll diy wreath with coastal theme too. It’s easy to make, simple steps and less materials.


What do you need to make this easy diy coastal wreath?

  • Nine tissue rolls (white rolls are preferred, to get easy and better result in painting.
  • Dark blue ribbon
  • Light blue paint (blue mixed with white), Light grey paint (mixed black and white), Light turquoise paint (blue, green and white mixed). I used watercolor, it’s cheaper, but it stains a bit in your hands; so you can use acrylic and have no stain.
  • Starfish
  • Glue (White glue and hot glue)
  • Stapler


How to make those tissue cores into a beautiful coastal style wreath? Allow me to share the five easy steps to diy the wreath:

  1. Paint the nine tissue rolls into three colors, 3 rolls for light grey, 3 rolls for light blue and three rolls for light turquoise. These are the coastal colors. Let it dry
  2. Form each tissue roll into a cone and staple it. each cone to one another
  3. Glue each cone to one another until it form a circle with white glue. Secure the wreath with hot glue in the center.
  4. Glue a starfish in the center of the wreath the get the seaside look.
  5. Tie around the wreath with dark navy blue and tie a bow and use it as the wreath’s hanger. Finished!


Super easy isn’t? And a great way to make use of the tissue cores that I’m sure every household has it, a lot! Well enjoy the breezy coastal wreath that won’t cost you much and great diy wreath for summer nautical home decor theme. Put it in front of your beach home’s door and be proud of your re-purposing tissue rolls project!


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