Free Printable Lavender Journal And Notes

After I made the Lavender To Do List printable, I thought I better make more lavender printable templates, like notes, journal, memo, letter paper. In that way, all of your working sheets are in lavender set. Would it be pretty on your desk?! For today, I have prepared you a Free Printable Lavender Journal And Notes

I hand painted lavender flowers in watercolor. It’s such a beautiful flower to paint. I transferred the lavender painting into lovely free printable of Lavender Journal And Notes.


Lavender is believed to be originated from across Mediterranean, Middle East and India. The story of lavender has been told long from 2500 years ago. Lavender is known for its beauty, therapeutic fragrance and it’s amazing healing benefits.

With this beautiful and yet very useful flower, I present you two Free Printable of Lavender Journal And Notes :

  1. Lavender Journal Printable. I made the free Lavender Journal in 2 variants, you can choose your favorite. The look is simple which will allow you to be creative in writing your journal. You can add stickers, stamps, be creative with calligraphy, and so on.
  2. Lavender Notes Printable. I also prepared the free Lavender Notes for you to write down your plans or important things you are working on. It goes in 2 beautiful choices with each different character depends on your like.


The beautiful Lavender Journal and Lavender Notes will help you organized, save important things from your head, experiences and moments can be captured in your writings. And those lavender watercolor would be a great bonus to entertain your mood, especially if you added some lavender fragrance to the printable, hmmm… . So, feel free to download this Free Printable of Lavender Journal & Lavender Notes. I hope it helps you to be more organized with your daily records and things you need to remember. Enjoy your working day with Lavender Journal & Lavender Notes!

Download this free PDF file; Lavender Journal and Lavender Notes which I have arranged each in 2 options. Original size was prepared on A4.

Free Printables – Lavender Journal

Free Printables – Lavender Notes

To have the Lavender To Do List, please go to Free Printable Lavender To Do List. For more future posts, please follow me! And if you wanted to add my creations to your Pinterest board, please follow me on Pinterest! Also find me on Instagram!

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See you!

Add Creativity in your Journal & Notes!




Note : Please use the printable for personal use only, not to be sold, duplicated or modified in any form. And for sharing purposes, please share this link (for downloading the printable straight from Decor Craft Design) instead of distributing it. Please contact me for further information.

14 thoughts on “Free Printable Lavender Journal And Notes”

  1. Hello Mel and hope you’re having a great weekend 😊
    These are really great! Will print them when I go to work but you should sell this I guess 😊 they’re so beautiful and I always loved notebooks and papers, I live writing and using the papers and pen
    Lavender is so famous here (Lebanon) we use is for many different things especially we put it between clothes to maintain them from humidity and so
    For me lavender =war unfortunately, but I don’t have traumas or so but the thing is that my mother used it the entire time and when I smell it , it brings back the war memories but I fight it and always use lavender and love it a lot 😊
    Sorry for the long comment and have a great day
    Will find you on Instagram 👍💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Huguette! If you think it’s worth selling, then I should sell it! 🙂 Hmm, since you love Lavender, you should create a new beautiful memory using Lavender, so next time you smell it, you would think of the new beautiful memory… 🙂 xo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes you should certainly 🙂 you’re very talented
        I try always otherwise wouldn’t be able to even smell it which is not the case 🙂 Thank you for the advice, will try that also 😊❤

        Liked by 1 person

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