DIY Farmhouse Sign Wire Rack From Upcycling Fry Pan

Happy Earth Day! Yes, today is earth day, I don’t have fancy activity to save our beloved earth, just a small gesture of having less garbage by making upcycling project. I made a DIY Farmhouse Sign Wire Rack from upcycling Fry Pan. It’s super easy and fun project to do. Super easy because not many materials involved and no much work to be done. Fun because you get to see your old fry pan turned into something you can hang on your wall beautifully.

Why I choose the farmhouse style? Because the fry pan itself has already got the vibe, a wooden handle, with black pan. It’s so easy to continue the farmhouse style to the entire look of the wire rack sign.


Okay, let’s see the things that you need to prepare for making this DIY Farmhouse Sign With Wire Rack From Upcycling Fry Pan:

  • Old fry pan which have a similar look with mine (any fry pan with black steel or paint it in black and wooden handle can do)
  • White acrylic paint
  • Farmhouse Burlap Ribbons ( I diy it, I will show you how on my future post)
  • Organic hemp rope
  • Magnetic white wire rack (I got in from Daiso)


Let’s go through the easy steps to DIY Farmhouse Sign Wire Rack From Upcycling Fry Pan:

  1. I have adjusted the fry pan handle into a straight handle, it was tilted handle. You need a straight handle in order to use it as a hanger.
  2. Paint the pan with the word “family” with white acrylic paint on the top area (hanging position) of the pan.
  3. Tie a farmhouse burlap ribbons by using organic hemp rope on the handle’s base point.
  4. Stick the magnetic white wire rack on the low area of the pan.
  5. Done! Easy and fast! I finished it with some flowers, it is spring anyway. You can put other things like maybe some cute salt and pepper shaker or other decorations.


I love simple look, so I don’t put too much decorations or ornaments on my projects, and so as this farmhouse sign wire rack. This a very flexible wall decoration, you can take off the magnetic wire rack and paste some ornaments, maybe a wooden letter or word, or anything still with the farmhouse style. Well, more important thing is that you can manage to upcycling your fry pan into a DIY functional home decoration like this Farmhouse Sign Wire Rack. Give it a try!

If you wanted to see more upcycling fry pan projects I have made before, check out my post DIY Upcycle Frying Pan Into Shabby Wall Decoration and Pedestal Tray From DIY Upcycle Frying Pan. For more future posts, follow me! And if you wanted to add my creations to your Pinterest board, please follow me on Pinterest! Also find me on Instagram!


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See you!

Wire your head with your hand to make creativity!



27 thoughts on “DIY Farmhouse Sign Wire Rack From Upcycling Fry Pan”

  1. That’s a super clever idea Mel. I’ve seen people use frying pans as wall decor before but never one where a little basket has been attached. Really cool


    1. You can patch it with paint, mine was so sticky so after a few scratches I decided not to use it. Since it’s still looking good, I didn’t paint it and use it as it is. I have some upcycling fry pan posts that the pan got painted, you may check it out 🙂 Thank you Dr. Elise! Have a great week!


  2. Congrats! Your post is FEATURED at the #WednesdayAIMLinkParty 38! Party starts tonight, Wed, June 5, 2019 at 9:00 PM CST.

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