Shabby Flowers Hand Painting Wall Art

Shabby Flowers Hand Painting Wall Art

Showering your home with flowers for Spring decor does not mean you only have to use real flowers; but you can use flowers art wall, paintings, printing, artwork, and so on. My idea of shabby flowers hand painting for wall art is one of the perfect choice to decorate your wall to get the shabby spring look.


I guess I’m a fan of flowers painting; because this is the 4th canvas hand painting I have posted, Hydrangea painting, Sunflowers painting, Roses of Love painting and other flowers colored drawings; like Blue Roses and Oriental Orchid.


I used pastel colors to get the soft shabby wall art. I love shabby flowers painting, It looks so soft and calm. I hand painted it with acrylic paint on a canvas. This flowers hand painting used as a wall art would be a great for shabby decor.

I used quite a lot of colors, since spring flowers are colorful and each colors was mixed with white to get the pastel shabby shade. The basic colors are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Light green
  • Dark green
  • Dark blue
  • Red
  • Yellow


I hope my shabby flowers hand painting would inspire you to do your own spring wall art. Colorful flowers, shabby style are just my inspiration to do the hand painting. Well, enjoy my painting and thanks for your appreciation!



See you!

Paint your creativity!



I played at Paint Party Friday and entered some challenges for my Shabby Flowers Hand Painting Wall Art :

  1. Try It On Tuesday – Say It With Flowers
  2. A Bit More Time To Craft – Anything Goes



34 thoughts on “Shabby Flowers Hand Painting Wall Art”

  1. Beautiful colours and a beautifully painted canvas. I love this. You’ve almost achieved my favourite shade of blue – which isn’t easy to find – but not quite, lol. I like the loose painting style but you’ve still managed to get the depth.
    Thank you for sharing with us at Try it on Tuesday.
    Cath x

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  2. Wow, what an amazing painted canvas 😁. The flowers you chose are perfect and so beautifully painted with those amazing petals – I love it! I enjoyed seeing the techniques you used and how you built up the layers to add so much depth too 😀. I can just imagine “Home Sweet Home” written in the centre of it! Thanks so much for joining in the fun at Try it on Tuesday! Happy weekend! J 😊 x

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    1. I always enjoy reading your comments, full of appreciations and kind words, much thanks Jo! I actually wasn’t sure what detail flowers I should paint, I just have a rough blur image of the composition in my head, so glad that at the end I can make it clear 🙂 Yup, so many words can be written on the center, that’s why I keep it empty, I couldn’t choose lol!

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    1. Oh dear, I didn’t record it in details, just a few steps I captured, sometimes I just lost in my painting and I used acrylics which dry quite fast, maybe next time, I’ll try! 🙂 But to share, the trick to me is to start with the darker shades and slowly to the lighter shades. Also, try to picture the whole painting that you’re going to paint, then peel it layer by layer in your mind and then start to paint from the bottom layer. Thank you Julie, I would love to see your piece!


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