Fun Kids Learning Activity With Easter Themed Crossword Puzzle

Fun Kids Learning Activity With Easter Themed Crossword Puzzle


To celebrate Easter, not just decorations and treats that will cheer up our kids, but also Easter related activities will brighten their day. Regarding that, I was introduced to where there are tons of fun kids learning activities with themes to be found.ย And the best part is I have a fun Easter Themed Crossword Puzzle to share with you all; completed with the answers.


This Crossword Puzzle is not just enrich kid’s vocabulary and learn the meaning of each word, but also have fun with anything surrounding Easter. Not to mention the cute Easter Theme that would be enticing for kids to instantly grab the Crossword Puzzle and have fun learning words with it.

I have prepared the Easter Themed Crossword Puzzle in pdf file and the answer sheet too, further below.

crossword_easter (pdf)



Doing fun learning activity together with your kids would also help you create more bound and able to monitor your kids development. And themed worksheet is great tool to introduce your kids to a little art. Like this Easter Themed Crossword Puzzle which shows some colored drawings of a happy Easter bunny and cute little chicken with a pretty basket of Easter eggs and treats.

Furthermore, if you have already planned an Easter card making with your kids, try to include this Easter Themed Crossword Puzzle as your Easter fun kids activity list this year. So, not just fun creativity session, but also fun learning session is included to your Easter activity list.

crossword_easter_answers (pdf)


To have more choices of fun learning activities, you can look for different worksheet which favored by your kids. Besides, Easter is just around the corner, and kids will love celebrating with this beginner-reader matching activity! For more resources forย young readers, check out the full collection at Have fun!


See you with more Easter & Spring creations!

Have fun a creativity!



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