Mandarin Oranges Simple Fruits Decoration Or Centerpiece Ideas

Mandarin Orange Simple Fruits Decoration Or Centerpiece Ideas


This time of year is a season for many kinds of mandarin oranges. Besides delicious, mandarin oranges are also attractive to see, I guess because of the color and the cute leaves that often stay with the fruit. Mandarin oranges are also perfect for decoration as it can stay fresh in room temperature. I was having lots of mandarin oranges at home, so I started to get some ideas on how to use it as centerpiece or decorations.


These mandarin oranges decorations or centerpiece ideas I’ve arranged was a simple fruits arrangement. It took me less than 5 minutes to have one arrangement done. Well, the idea was the one that took me more than 5 minutes, lol! Since I have already share it with you my simple fruits decoration or centerpiece idea from mandarin oranges, you will have all the convenient and time-saving to do it when you have some sudden guests at home while you are having mandarin oranges.


My ideas of mandarin oranges to be used as a simple fruits decoration or centerpiece are also perfect for those household whom celebrate Chinese Festival, starting today! I’m sure every home that celebrate Chinese Festival has Mandarin Oranges.


Not just flowers, but vegetables as green home decor and fruits arrangements are also great for home decorations. Simple, cheap, easy, practical, all are great ways for fast decoration or centerpiece you can arranged from my mandarin oranges decorations or centerpiece ideas. Hope you are inspired and get more creative with your own make. Enjoy the beauty and enjoy the taste of mandarin oranges!


Have creative ideas!

See you again!




11 thoughts on “Mandarin Oranges Simple Fruits Decoration Or Centerpiece Ideas”

  1. So beautiful! Who would have thought to use them as a decoration, so clever and they look amazing 😁. I hope you’ve had a lovely week, after rain this morning we now have some lovely sunshine – yay! Creative wishes! J 😊 x

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