DIY Engraving Wooden Hearts With Initials

DIY Engraving Wooden Hearts With Initials.ย My husband just bought me a new toy for my crafting hobby, a mini engraving pen. I decided to use the mini engraving on a simple project, which is engraving initial on wooden heart. I need it to try my new toy ๐Ÿ™‚

Since it’s near Valentine’s day, I made a wooden heart and engraved initials of my loved ones. I did the engraving on both sides of the wooden heart to see the results of the two different style.


  • First style was I painted the wooden heart in white, engraved the initial and then have itย blue painted the initial.
  • The second style is I painted the wooden heart on the other side inย  blue, then engraved the initial and left it that way.


Things that I used for this DIY Engraving Wooden Hearts With Initials are:

  • Mini engraving pen
  • Balsa wood
  • White and blue paint
  • Paint brush


I think the mini engraving pen is very easy and handy to use for any crafting project. It also can be used not only to wooden material, but also glass and ceramic. You just need a steady hand to engraved something, especially a small engraving like I did with the initials on the wooden hearts.


I just can not wait to show you the results. The engraved wooden heart with initial would be a great love embellish and could be used as a decoration to any crafting project. Well, you may want to try yourself, as I find it fun. Have fun trying then!


See you next time!

Engrave your creativeness!



21 thoughts on “DIY Engraving Wooden Hearts With Initials”

  1. What a wonderful first project, Mel! Your Engraved Hearts are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Iโ€™m featuring this post at the party this week. Hope to โ€˜seeโ€™ you there! Have a wonderful week ahead!


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