DIY Sparkles Mini Christmas Tree

DIY Sparkles Mini Christmas Tree

Christmas is all about Christmas tree, it’s like the center piece of all the Christmas decorations in your home, it brings everything together. But I made the mini version diy of a christmas tree that sparkles and will be the centerpiece of all other mini Christmas decorations that put together maybe on your mantel.

Things I used to make this DIY sparkles mini Christmas tree are :

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue (clear)
  • Thick and thin wire
  • Balsa wood 1/4 inch thick
  • Glitter
  • Glue


Below are the steps for DIY sparkles mini Christmas tree:

  1. Cut a thicker wire around 8 inches (20 cm) as the main trunk.
  2. Cut 5 wires in 6 inches ( 25 cm ), 4 wires in 4.5 inches ( 11 cm ), 3 wires in 3 inches ( 7 cm ).
  3. Cut balsa wood two sets of 2 x 2 inches ( 5 x 5 cm ) as the tree’s foundation.
  4. Punch through one of the balsa wood using the thick wire and have it bent.
  5. Glue the punched balsa with another balsa until it firmed and dry.
  6. Install the 5 longest wires to make branches on the Christmas tree. Secure it with hot glue in the intersection. Let it dry.
  7. Then continued it with the 4 wires and last is the 3 wires.
  8. Apply hot glue to the end of the branch and form a dot. apply it all the way into the to branches. Let it dry.
  9. Apply some glue on each dot and pour some glitters ( I used white and a dash of silver glitters) for the sparkles effect.
  10. Put hot glue christmas ornament in a shape of star on top of the mini Christmas tree. Apply glue and glitters too.
  11. Tie some silver ribbons on the mini Christmas tree to add more sparks!
  12. Add some Christmas ornament on the bottom mini tree.
  13. Finished! Sparkles mini Christmas tree is ready to bring more joy to your Christmas decorations.


Still stick to my Christmas theme decorations, “White Christmas”, this diy sparkles mini Christmas tree is easy to make and cheap. You can play with the glitter’s color to meet your Christmas theme. Hope you inspired and enjoy my sparkles mini Christmas Tree. Stay with me for more Christmas decorations!



See ya!

Creativity Sparks!


I entered challenges below for my diy sparkles mini Christmas tree:

  1. Altered Eclectics – Anything goes
  2. Everybody Art Challenge – Christmas

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