Easy DIY Christmas Tree Pillow

Easy DIY Christmas Tree Pillow

I made an easy Christmas Pillow with a Christmas tree shape. I don’t sew a lot, but I love playing with fabrics. And this is one is an easy diy, does not need an advance sewing skill.

You need some pillow filling and gray gada clothes and of course some snowflake sequins for the Christmas tree. I love gray gada clothes for its natural roughness and neutral ivory color.


The steps are easy to make this diy christmas tree pillow:

  1. Cut the fabric into 2 squares 17.5 inches x 17.5 inches ( 45 cm x 45 cm ).
  2. Sew 3 sides and left one side open for pillow filling ( I used dacron).
  3. Sew it after filling it firmly. Okay, the plain pillow is ready for christmas decoration.
  4. Determine a beginning point for the sequins. I started at around a quarter of the pillow lenght.
  5. Sew a gold snowflake sequin as the christmas tree topper.
  6. Sew one green snowflake sequin for the tree’s first row.
  7. Sew two green snowflake sequins on the next row.
  8. Repeat the steps and add one sequin more to each row, until you reach ninth rows.
  9. Along the first until the ninth row, insert one red snowflakes randomly to act as the christmas tree ornaments.
  10. Tie a christmas red bow and sew it on the bottom of the sequins christmas tree.
  11. There you go, easy diy christmas, right? it’s a christmas pillow with sparking christmas tree sequins.
  12. If you want to get more instant way, buy a white plain pillow and then decorate it. That would be faster.



For those who love to sew, this is a super easy fun diy to do for a christmas pillow. Well, I hope this christmas tree pillow can be a fun diy project for both who love to sew and those who’s not fond of sewing. But a christmas pillow is one of a great way to decorate your home for this coming holidays. Stay with me for more of my White Christmas DIYs to come!


Creativity can be so easy!

See you around!



22 thoughts on “Easy DIY Christmas Tree Pillow”

  1. Love your Christmas tree pillow Mel. I’m ever so slightly addicted to throw pillows. I have waaaaaaay to many already but I can always do with another one right? 😉


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