For Rent – Interior of Sandwich Tiny Home

For Rent – Interior of Sandwich Tiny Home

Last week I have presented the floor plan and exterior sketch of the sandwich tiny home under the post “Sandwich Tiny Home For Rent – Exterior & Floor Plan “  For today’s post I will finished the design with the tiny home interior and exterior in colors.  It shows how’s the ambience inside. My tiny home design is a very functional house with tiny spaces which is perfect for rent or a guest house. This tiny home is able to fit 1-2 person at least.

This tiny home for rent is 3 m x 5 m (around 10 ft x 17 ft) with an open porch of 1.5 m (around 5 ft) width. The interior floor plan is consist of :

  1. bathroom (shower, toilet and wash basin)
  2. bedding area
  3. closet
  4. working table
  5. pantry with small fridge
  6. bar / breakfast table ( next to the couch)
  7. sitting / TV area


I guess this sandwich tiny home is already a full package of one person’s need of functional room at a home which delivered in one packed of tiny spaces. This house is finished with mostly timber and large glass openings that allows natural light to brighten the interior to save more energy during daytime.


Build in your backyard and let it for rent is a great way to earn more extra money. This sandwich tiny house is perfect for single people who can not afford fancy apartment but need more human and functional home to stay.


I hope you enjoyed and get inspired with my design idea of a renting house in a shape of sandwich tiny home. Feel free to seek for my advice for free to solve your house floor plan, interior or exterior problem. And don’t forget to follow me for more excitement, ideas and designs of small-scale architecture.


All hail creativity!

See you soon!




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