Sandwich Tiny Home For Rent – Exterior & Floor Plan

Sandwich Tiny Home For Rent – Exterior & Floor Plan

I came across the thought of having use of backyard area for something profitable for those who has a house with big yard. It would be great if you can have a rent-room outside your home so you still can maintain your privacy while earning extra money. A tiny home would be best to get higher fee than only a rent-room.

What I meant with tiny home for rent is a very packed home with bedroom, bathroom, pantry, and sitting area. So basically, it still covers most of all function in a house but managed into tiny and multi-function spaces. It fits right for single people.


I designed this tiny home for-rent in a sandwich shape. A 3 m x 5 m (around 10 ft x 17 ft) space with wide openings for natural lights and tiny porch with L shape to give more space for outdoor activity. The sandwich home will be attached to the backyard fence to save more space.

This design is quite fancy with wooden floor and lots of glass openings, so this sandwich tiny home can be a wonderful guest house too. And as a tiny home for rent, it’s going to be a quite good money.


I drew and colored the floor plan but I haven’t done it with the exterior. So, the exterior is only in sketch and on m next post I will color it and complete it with colored interior to have a better experience of this tiny home for rent.

The sandwich tiny home serves the needs of bathroom, bedding area, closet, working table, pantry, sitting / TV area, mini bar / breakfast bar. And for the exterior, I designed an open porch with the width of 1.5 m (around 5 ft) for the occupant to have some outdoor activity like sitting and maybe do some yoga.


Get more details on my sandwich tiny home on my next post ( Interior Of Sandwich Tiny Home ). Hope you get inspired. And if you have trouble with your home layout / any layout, you can share it with me and I will gladly to help you.


See you soon!

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11 thoughts on “Sandwich Tiny Home For Rent – Exterior & Floor Plan”

  1. This brings to mind the phrase “Small but perfectly formed”. What a great floor plan for a tiny home. Thank you for sharing this great inspiration with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. Have a wonderful week ahead!

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