DIY Dog Ornaments From Cork Plate Mat

DIY Dog Ornaments From Cork Plate Mat

Recently, I bought some defected cork plate mat with a very good discounted price. The defects are considered very minor, only little chip and torn here and there. I know one day I can use it for some DIY projects. And for today project is dog ornament.

This little dog ornaments from cork plate mat can be used as little coaster, decorative ornaments, key chains, hang decoration, and many more. I have not decided yet what to use these dog ornaments are for.

Materials I used to make these dog ornaments are only :

  • 1. Defected cork plate mat
  • 2. Drawing pen
  • 3. Scissors


It is very easy to make just following these steps below :

  1. Determine the size and shape of the ornaments and sketch it into the cork mat. Mine is around 3 inches in diameter and have a shape of circle.
  2. Cut out the ornament cork mat.
  3. Draw the cut out circle cork mat as you desired. I drew 3 types of dogs, a friendly bulldog, a motherly Spaniel and two yorkshires; one is a bright little yorkie and the smaller one is a cute girly yorkie. If you have trouble with drawings, trace a printed dog image you wanted on the cork mat, then enhance the drawing with better fine lines.
  4. Draw a line along the circle to frame the image on the cork mat.
  5. The dog ornaments are ready! So simple and easy! Just made of defected cork plate mat only.


Let’s see what I’m going to use those ornaments are for. I still have to figure out something for that. Well, until then follow me for more DIYs.



Follow me and get inspired and get creative!

See you!


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37 thoughts on “DIY Dog Ornaments From Cork Plate Mat”

  1. Okay, these are SUPER cute. I think these would be such cute gifts to use as hang tags and ornaments to add to my Christmas gifts this year. I will have to find out all the dog breeds from my friends and family that have pets. Love this, thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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