Vintage Blue Roses Artwork

Vintage Blue Roses Artwork

I kind of into floral drawing right now. I paint blue hydrangea, then sunflower, and last time it was pink orchid artwork. This time I drew and colored blue roses with vintage style. It has been a long time since I wanted to draw or paint roses, but I keep pending it. Maybe because I consider rose as a great challenge. It is easy to sketch roses but to me,  it is challenging to color or paint it. It is hard to play with the gradation of the petals, how to make it looks like it’s blooming, 3D look not flat. But I quite pleased with the result, but maybe next time I would paint roses in oil color, another personal challenge for me.


I always love the blue roses in vintage look. The blue vintage style we find in china plates, tea pots, tea cups, and so on. Love, love, love it! So, I would try to imitate that look on my artwork. I used watercolor pencils for the coloring media. I used blue monochromatic shades to achieve the vintage look. I had a sketch paper to draw and color my artwork, because I consider it as a great media to have the colors pop which automatically makes the object emerge. And moreover, it would be a perfect pattern for a decoupage project.



Wanna try yourself? If you have trouble in hand-sketching the roses, you can stencil it from other roses picture and then you can color it in the style of any vintage; in my case is vintage china style. So, enjoy my vintage blue roses artwork, hope you’re inspired and work out your creativity.


Creativity rose up!

 See you!



Note: I included my Vintage Blue Roses Artwork on challenges below:


I also will play at Paint Party Friday.


39 thoughts on “Vintage Blue Roses Artwork”

  1. Your roses look very beautiful! I know what you mean, it takes practice to figure out how to shade each petal to make it look 3D but yours look gorgeous 😊🌹🌹

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    1. Well, thank you so much! I do love to draw. 😀 I think you just need to practice, some people even take a course to learn how to draw.


    1. The reason is because they need to be picked by a gentle careful hand as roses are delicately beautiful 🙂 Thank you Dora! Have a lovely day!


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