DIY Decorated Wall Hanger From Popsicle Stick

DIY Decorated Wall Hanger From Popsicle Stick


Hello again! Just a couple of days ago I have posted on how to make an organic rope ornaments. Today I’m going to use the ornaments to decorate a wall hanger from popsicle stick. Yes, more functional home decoration piece idea from ice cream / popsicle stick. Two other popsicle projects I have posted were painted coaster and a flower pot holder.

What do you need to DIY wall hanger from popsicle stick?


How to make a decorated wall hanger from popsicle stick?

  1. Apply glue (for wood) evenly along the popsicle stick surface. Glue the ice cream sticks to each other one by one. Watch for the same length and width.
  2. Line them all up until around 25 cm / 10 inches (or twice more the length of the popsicle stick).
  3. Let it sit for a while until the glue dry and become a firm wooden panel.
  4. Spray or apply white color paint to all the surfaces of the popsicle stick panel. Let it dry.
  5. Tide around each both mini hangers with organic rope and secure it with wood glue. Let it dry. The purpose is to give more space from the hanger to the popsicle panel so that the nail / screw can fit in the hanger.
  6. Glue the both tided hangers on to the back of popsicle hanger. Let it dry.
  7. Glue three of drawer knobs onto the front of popsicle hanger. Let it dry.
  8. Glue the organic rope ornaments (“love” word and love shape) onto the front of popsicle hanger by the upper area. Let it dry. You can use other ornaments you like, just be creative with it.
  9. Your diyΒ wall hanger from popsicle stick is ready! Now you can hang it.


It’s not a difficult project to do, easy, open wide for more creative twists and most important thing is you don’t need heavy tools to make a creation from a wooden material. Usually you have to saw some wooden plank to do this kind of project, but this… everything is glued, isn’t that great? Even your little ones can help you with this project.


Well, I hope my idea (without tools) this time will move you to make one of your own diy home decoration. Good luck!

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See you soon!

Pop your creativity!



27 thoughts on “DIY Decorated Wall Hanger From Popsicle Stick”

  1. What a great way to use popsicle sticks! Your hanger includes lots of unexpected items. Great work. Thanks so much for playing along with our Unexpected Item challenge at The Male Room. Deborah, DT.

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