Blue Garden House of Home Office and Kid’s Play Room

Blue Garden House of Home Office and Kid’s Play Room

Hi guys! So relieved that I have completed the garden house of home office with kid’s play room design. On my related first post (Home Office Plus Kid’s Room on Garden – Floor Plan) I have shown and described the floor plan and my second post ( Home Office Plus Kid’s Room on Garden – Interior), I have shown and described the interior from 2 different views to give more detail look on the design.


Just to refresh, the house is consist of office area, sitting area and on the mezzanine is the kid’s play room. It’s 2.8 m x 2.8 m, with the height of 2.5 m and minus 0.7 m from the ground level, that would make the total height of 3.2 m. The office area height to the mezzanine is 1.8 m and the mezzanine area is only 2.8 m x 1.4 m. So, the sitting area will be the cleared space with high ceiling.


For the exterior color palette, I had it in blue, white and grey. The light blue came from the awnings on the terrace and windows. The dark blue came from the wooden plank on the side upper wall and the painted tin roof. The white was from the awnings, french door and french windows. The grey was coming from the tin roof which used as the wall. So, the exterior color palettes are still lingered to the interior color palettes.


The garden house exterior is very simple but yet inviting. The cozy shaded terrace with the looking through french door and windows are inviting people to come in. You can work inside the garden house, your kids can have fun under your supervision on the play room mezzanine and you can invite some of your close friends or clients to have some cup of coffee or tea and chat. It is also a great sanctuary, could be a man cave, woman cave, kid cave, whatever! it’s a fun place to work and relax.


This simple garden house is easily built with timber structure or light steel structure. The exterior finishes that I chose was wooden panels and tin roof as the wall. Then just cover the interior wall with gypsum panels, plywood or particle boards. It’s a choice to build more penny on the garden house or less penny.

Well, I hope you enjoy my design, the blue garden home of home office and kid’s play room. Right now it’s still on a paper, but who knows one day I get a chance to build it.

Every month I design a tiny scale of architecture which completed with the interior details for my exploration and your inspiration. The first architecture design post I’ve done was on last month,  Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 1)  , Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 2)Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard (Part 3), Tiny Home for Holiday or Guest House With a Courtyard Design. Please check it out! And thank you if you do so.

See you!

Creativity is the key!




26 thoughts on “Blue Garden House of Home Office and Kid’s Play Room”

  1. Simply awesome Mel. I really enjoy your “small space plans” They’re so well thought out and it fascinates me how you manage to fit so much into a square meter and still make it workable. Love this idea

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Michelle! It’s challenging to design small space, that what makes it fun. Thanks for stopping by…have a good day


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