DIY Upcycle Frying Pan Into Shabby Wall Decoration

DIY Up-cycle Frying Pan Into Shabby Wall Decoration

Yes, this month I have more up-cycle, re-purposing projects than usual. But every month I will always share my creation on up-cycle or re-purposing project. This time, it came from my “junk” collection which mostly comes from my kitchen. Yup, that is because I cook a lot. And the kitchen junk is frying pan! I used lots of fry pan in different sizes. This one is the medium one, 18 cm. I can’t use it anymore because the non-stick layer is scratched a lot.

On this project, I made a wall decoration with wording plus a key hanger out of a frying pan. I always prefer a decoration with a function, so it is more than just a decoration but also functional. The wording is “My Lovely Lucky Home”. and the style I wanted was a shabby look, so I used light blue and white.

So, these are what I need to make the frying pan into a shabby wall decoration:

  • Un-used frying pan
  • Blue spray paint
  • White acrylic paint
  • A small paint brush
  • A hook
  • A hanger (I made from key chain)
  • Glue
  • Some organic rope


How to up-cycle the frying pan into a shabby wall decoration with the wording and key hanger?

  1. Take off the handle of the frying pan.
  2. Clean the entire surface, back and front of the frying pan thoroughly. Make sure it’s clean and not greasy.
  3. Spray paint the pan both sides with light blue paint. Start from the back first, let it dry then follow with the front pan and let it dry.
  4. Connect a hook into the bolt-hole (the one exist from the handle) until it tight.
  5. Cover the handler connector by wrapping it around with the organic rope and glue it.
  6. Glue the hanger into the upper back of the pan. Let it dry.
  7. Paint the wording with white acrylic paint by using a small brush. Let it dry.
  8. Paint circling around the front pan with white acrylic to give a white frame to the pan. Let it dry.
  9. Hang it on the wall by your foyer. Finished! You got yourself a shabby wall decoration with key hanger and a wording from a broken frying pan.


As usual, it is very easy diy by up-cycling something from your kitchen into something prettier and useful. Well, maybe need a little patience with painting the wording part. But not just cheap and help saving environment, you also got yourself a beautiful diy new home decoration with function. This is one of a creative example of diy up-cycle frying pan, which I made into a simple shabby wall decoration with wording and key holder.


Again, don’t just throw away things, even though you have all the money in the world, think of something creative you can do with the “junk” and turn it into something better in use and in appearance by your hands.

Note: I entered Simon Monday Challenge (Anything but a card), Country View Challenges (A written word triptych), International Art & Soul (Sentiment as a main focus), Altered Eclectics (Anything goes), Everybody Art Challenge (Pimp it-recycle).

See you!

Up-cycling your creativity!




41 thoughts on “DIY Upcycle Frying Pan Into Shabby Wall Decoration”

  1. You’re so creative Mel. I really love the ideas you come up with and really like how you’ve upcycled the frying pan. I think I have a few of those badly scratched ones in the cupboard too.

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  2. It’s the most unexpected upcycling I have seen! Totally with you on decoration items being useful too… Thanks for joining us at Country View Challenges this month!

    Liked by 2 people

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