DIY Topiary From Coconut Coir

DIY Topiary From Coconut Coir

On my previous post, I have shown you how to re-purposing a cooker pot into a flower-pot. Since I made the flower-pot for decoration purposes, so I have to fill it with some decoration to complete its look. And I want to make the decoration from recycling something.


I thought to myself that a green topiary would be great for the flower-pot. Give it a purpose. But what should I made it from? I can easily buy some fake petals or synthetic leaves, but what is the fun of it? I have to make the topiary from something unusual but easily found, free, and easy. I need something durable to give some roughness on the topiary surface, a texture. Then I straight away think of coconut coir. And it’s cheap, well in my case it’s considered free. Because I bought the young coconut for consumption, enjoyed the sweet coconut flesh and water, then save the coconut coir to be dried under the sun.

So, what do I need to make a coconut coir topiary?

  • A young coconut coir
  • A wooden stick
  • A styrofoam ball
  • Green spray paint
  • Glue
  • Cardboard protector
  • A flower-pot
  • Ribbons


How to make the coconut coir topiary?

  1. Dried the young coconut shell (under the intense sun) for couple of days, then shred the coconut coir, if it’s not completely dry, dry it again for a day or until it is perfectly dry.
  2. Glue the shredded coconut coir onto the styrofoam ball until entire surface are covered nicely.
  3. Wrap the coconut coir ball with plastic wrapper tightly to have the coconut coir glued evenly and perfectly into the styrofoam. Let it sit for half day before unwrap it.
  4. Spray paint the coconut coir topiary  with green spray paint.
  5. Do the same to the cardboard protector.
  6. Let it sit for a half day just to be safe.
  7. Fill the flower-pot with the painted cardboard protector. Then arrange it until tight as a good base and fluffy until it rise up a bit from the flower-pot.
  8. Connect the wooden stick to the styrofoam ball and to the cardboard protector base until it secure.
  9. Tie some beautiful ribbons with the color that you favor to the wooden stick, right under the topiary. I chose neutral colors since I made this simple green topiary, so I used yellow and ivory ribbons. Finished!
  10. You can use the topiary as an element to your home decor or party decor; can be as a center piece, a table or shelve decoration. It is suitable for spring or summer theme decor.


So, this is an easy and cheap project that anyone can do. The recycled flower-pot and the topiary from coconut coir, the topiary base from cardboard protector; together as a recycled decoration that cost you less. A Diy home decoration that comes from re-purposing three things.


Well guys, enough for today, I need time to explore my thoughts with more ideas to come out with new creations to share with you.


Note : I submit this project to Everybody Art Challenge (Pimp it – recycle), That’s Crafty (A Summer’s Day), Make My Monday (Go Green – up-cycle), Crafty Gals Corner (Summer colours), International Art And Soul (Nothing square or oblong), Altered Eclectics (Anything Goes)

See you again!

Explore your creativity!



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  1. Thank you for playing along this week at International Art & Soul. I sure hope to see you back again very soon!!!


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