Reminder Board For Him and For Her

Reminder Board For Him and For Her

I guess girls are accustomed to reminder boards, but what about guys? Some may keep their reminder in their journal or mostly in their mobile phone or tablet or computer. While girls are likely to have their reminder board somewhere in their home, could be in the fridge, kitchen, working desk, or in all of the places. I guess girls are relatively more organized and a better planner than guys? Plus, girls love and good at multi tasking, that’s why we love reminder board, a silent secretary! So, I guess a guy needs the silent secretary too, to keep them reminded while they sitting on their working desk at home, especially things that you wanted your hubby to remember.

When I was thinking about making a reminder board for my husband and myself, I came across this idea of making it into reminder board for him and for her. Because there’s no way guys wanna let you hang a pretty colorful with flowery or glittery reminder board on his working desk. He already nice enough to let you hang a reminder board for him. So, I try to think of something manly, neutral and of course easy and save cost! No need complicated and expensive reminder board for God’s sake, you will end up torturing the board with pins and tapes anyway. Then I came out with the plan to make For Him Board as if it’s a black wooden board and For Her Board is something also black but with colorful accent.


This is a list of materials that I used to make 2 reminder boards, 1 for him and 1 for me:

  • Styrofoam board 40 x 60 cm
  • Black paper thick 40 x 60 cm
  • Colorful stripes wrapping paper
  • Brown card
  • Glue


How did make the 2 reminder boards?

  1. I cut the styrofoam board into 2 sizes, 40 cm x 40 cm and 20 cm x 40 cm. The big one for him and the smaller one for her. So, you got 2 shapes, square and rectangle.
  2. I did the same to the black thick paper.
  3. Then glue the black thick paper to each size of the board.
  4. For Him Board, I continued with cutting the brown card to make the 2 cm wide frame of the board. I even cut the mitered corner for the frame to imitate wooden look. Then I glued all 4 sides carefully. Finished!
  5. Now For Her Board, I find the wrapping paper looks like some kind of awnings, so I made it look like a front of a store. I cut 2 long stripes wrapping paper to cover the long sides of the rectangle. Glue it and finished!


Very easy and does not cost you much money to make reminder board for him and for her. I like to leave it as minimalist as I could, so that later I can fill it up in maximum and in a changeable charming way.


Okay then, it’s time for you to help your hubby to remind himself and yourself about important things by making this pair of reminder boards for him and for her.

Note: I play with Love To Craft

See you!

Reminder: Be Creative!



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