DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (Final) – Seating Tag and Napkin Ring

DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (Final) – Seating Tag and Napkin Ring

This is the final post of DIY re-purposing tissue cores into another 6 matches stylish party decorations. After 2 earlier posts, first was the Souvenir Box and Flower Vase, the second one was Paper Tissue and Straw Holder; now the final two matches stylish party decorations are:

  1. Seating Tag

For the seating tag, I used paper doily for the name writings media and I cut the tissue core about 45 degree in half. For these two decorations, you need some cutting, so prepare yourself with cutter.


     2. Napkin Ring

Average toilet tissue core can be divided into 3 napkin rings, so cut the cores into 3 even sections. Then decor it wisely, since it is such a small item but you still need it to accentuate your napkin, especially on a white plain napkin.


Again, all I need for this project are only:

1. tissue cores (any sizes will do)

I used 2 types of tissue cores, the one from toilet roll tissue and kitchen towel.

2. paper wrapped (choose the one that will be your color theme and or pattern theme)

I used greenish-yellow and green stripe which I think it’s very simple but speaks a lot.

3. ribbons (choose color that matches the paper wrap but not exactly the same color)

I used light yellow to matched.

4. ribbon flower ornaments ( you can get more color on this but still have to compliment your theme color.

I used pink rose (as an accent) with green leaves (to match the color theme) ribbon ornament.

5. laces

I used small white laces to have it looked more chic.

6. paper doily

Great media for writings and decoration.

For this project you need cutter besides scissors, glue and drawing pen to execute it.

The green and yellow with pink accent is definitely spread the spring colors into the whole party. If you don’t use too many different ornament and decorations, maybe only 5 or 6 items you will stick to the matching theme for the whole party decorations you’ve made.


So all the 6 matches stylish party decorations from tissue cores are

  1. Souvenir Box
  2. Flower Vase
  3. Napkin Tissue Holder
  4. Straw Holder
  5. Seating Tag
  6. Napkin Ring


Well, don’t you find it easy and cheap to accomplish the 6 matches stylish party decorations from tissue cores? Indeed! And green too! So, instead of throwing your tissue cores to the trash bin, let’s try my project with your own personal style. I’m sure your guests will be pleased to be welcome with all handmade personal party decorations, they would think that you put lots of efforts to it, even though it doesn’t cost you that much money and trouble, just creativity!

Note: I just found out about this amazing site, Country View Challenge, where the April’s challenge happens to be “Pimp it up! (reuse or alter something)”. So I hope my post here still eligible for the challenge.

I also entered another challenge : Love To Craft Challenge – May Anything Goes & Allsorts Challenge Blog.

Well, creativity achieved…!

See you again!



16 thoughts on “DIY Re-Purposing Tissue Cores Into 6 Matches Stylish Party Decorations (Final) – Seating Tag and Napkin Ring”

  1. Some lovely creations here Mel and love the green stripes especially with the pinks.
    Thank you for joining our ‘Fancy Folds’ challenge this week at Allsorts, you have posted you creations onto our challenge blog but you have not linked to our blog in this post, unless you do so you will not be entered into the draw for the prize. Thanks again.

    Kath x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Kath! I’m sorry, I thought I have linked it. But I’ve already updated my post with your blog link on it. Thanks for reminding me 🙂


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