DIY Blue Hydrangea Oil Painting for Home Decoration – First Attempt

DIY Blue Hydrangea Oil Painting for Home Decoration – First Attempt

When I was a little, my mom used to have blue hydrangea at our backyard. I love this flower, it looks so elegant yet calm. I always want to grow one but I can’t, because sadly, the city I live in is too hot to have a hydrangea to bloom. So I guess that is one of the reason I’ve been longing to paint a Hydrangea. And i also been dying to try oil painting. So, eventually i have a courage and time to try my first attempt  on oil painting of blue Hydrangea that i can proudly used for my home decoration.


Besides roses, hydrangea always look good as a vintage flower, and it’s also one of the most flower to be used by designers to decorate interior. Don’t believe me? Start pay attention to any decor or interior magazines, etc; you will find lots of Hydrangea as an interior decor element.

The gradations of the flowers in one stalk is so beautiful and unique. And it has so many variations in color; such as blue, purple, pink, green, white and etc. It’s presence can elevate the room’s interior into more high-end look.

Well, enough of my praises to Hydrangea, let me show you my blue hydrangea oil painting.


I was starting to paint with dark blue and dark purple, then slowly I paint it with lighter and lighter blue to get the 3 dimensional look. Same with the leaves. But to me, coloring a leaf always the hardest part, you have to get the perfect gradation and mixed of colors to make the leaf alive. But i’m quite pleased with the result, considering this is my first attempt on oil painting.


To achieve this blue Hydrangea painting, I used phthalo blue, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, titanium white, magenta, sap green, lemon yellow and black. I’m a newbie in oil painting, so i just used colors i have from whatever inside the box of a cheap oil colors.


Finally, I get to try to paint with oil colors and paint a blue hydrangea. This painting will definitely become one of my personal best home decoration. Do you want to try yourself? Pick one of your own favorite flower to paint with, then it can become a spring decoration that you would proud of and a piece to talk about.

Note: Thanks for Paint Party Friday and Try it on Tuesday for letting me joining your wonderful site.

Welcome to creative spring!

See you!



23 thoughts on “DIY Blue Hydrangea Oil Painting for Home Decoration – First Attempt”

  1. Painting hydrangeas is not that easy, well for me any way. I’ve tried so many times before and never seem to get it right. I love how you’re first attempt looks Mel. It’s beautiful

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    1. Thank you so much. I started with the darker blue then overlapped it with lighter and lighter blue. I could not believe myself, I thought oil painting was so difficult. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for featuring my work in your wonderful link party. I’m so proud and happy! Thanks for dropping by and share the great news too.


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