4 Easiest and Cheapest DIY Easter Decoration from Plastic Surprise Eggs

4 Easiest and Cheapest DIY Easter Decoration from Plastic Surprise Eggs

For those who have kids at home, whether it’s your son, daughter, niece, grandchild, etc; must know about plastic surprise eggs. And for those who don’t, it is an egg made of plastic that usually contains surprise toys and/or candies. After so many purchases of surprise eggs, you must have a lot of collection of plastic eggs 🙂

Well, to make use of those plastic surprise eggs, I got an idea to re-use it for Easter decoration. This decoration is easy and cheap, it takes only 10 minutes to make. So, it is a good solution to your last-minute Easter decoration.


I came out with 4 easiest and cheapest DIY Easter decoration from plastic surprise egg. it was 4 different style of decorations which basically chic style; I named them chic simple, country chic, elegant chic and playful chic. Okay, it does not as complicated as it sounds. to achieve chic style, you just need to use pastel or neutral colors, lace or any other soft fabrics, floral patterns or ornaments, all soft and feminine looking pieces.

Now, here’s what you need to make these decorations:

  1. Plastic surprise eggs. I happened to have so many yellow plastic eggs, and it is a quite neutral color.
  2. Any neutral/matching color container, could be wire basket, plates etc. I got yellow wire basket, bamboo tray (I got it from gift basket), small green bamboo basket (also from gift package)
  3. Ribbons. I use some of my satin ribbons that matches the yellow color…keep it neutral.
  4. Fabrics. I got small pieces of satin fabric in ivory, it is a good color to use as a base.
  5. Ornaments, could be tiny bunny doll, flowers, etc. I have this yellow fury flexible string and ribbon roses.


You can use and add any items you have and incorporate it with your own style. Basically is to achieve easy and cheap DIY Easter decorations from plastic surprise egg that you can do within 10 minutes.


The best part of these decorations is that you can return all the plastic surprise eggs back to your kids! Because the eggs is not changed at all, just untie the ribbons, and it will be back as plain plastic eggs again. So, you just borrow it for seasonal decorations which you don’t have to buy.



Well, I hope my 4 easiest and cheapest DIY Easter decoration from plastic surprise egg can help you with last-minute Easter decorations.



See you all soon and Happy Easter!

Happily creative too!



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  1. So happy you played and your basket is amazing!
    Thanks for playing with us
    Tina, Craftaholics R Us DT

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